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New Video-Resident Evil-Leon and Claire-"Live Free or Let Me Die"

Vidders Notes: I really enjoyed making this one, i used some footage from Resident Evil Four and Two, but it's mainly from Degeneration. This video can be seen as shippy or friendshippy for Leon and Claire. I wanted to show how far they have come together and as individuals. There are a few appearances by other characters but they are not the focus of the video. This video also includes a lot of action. I hope other Resident Evil fans will enjoy this.

Title: Live Free or Let Me Die
Artist: Skillet
Vidder: Nicole
Rating: PG-13 for violence and some blood.
Genre: Action/relationship (friendship or shippy)
Characters: Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield (small appearances by a few others)
Clips: Resident Evil 2, Four, and Degeneration
Summary: A video showing how much these two characters have been through. They have become each others strength in a lot of ways.
Program used: Windows Movie Maker
Format: WMV
Size: 25.73

dled here:;13425466;/fileinfo.html

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Comments are loved :) If you liked this video please let me know :) It gives me warm fuzzies :)
Tags: claire redfield, fan videos, leon kennedy, leon/claire, resident evil
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