November 29th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

New Vid: Resident Evil: Leon/Claire: "You Belong With me"

The Darkside Chronicles Game got me in the mood to vid Resident Evil again. When I hear this song I think of Leon and Claire. Don't Get me wrong, I love Ada, but I just don't think she's good for Leon.

Title: You Belong With Me
Artist: Taylor Swift
Vidder: Nicole
Spoilers: Darkside Chronicles
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Leon/Claire (some ada/leon)
Vidders Notes: I edited the song here and there due to clip sources and to make the song fit the pairing completely
Summary: Claire POV. Claire knows Leon belongs with her, Leon Knows it as well, if only he'd realize it :P
Format: WMV

watch it here:

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