October 25th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

New Vid: Revolution (focusing on my fav video games)

This is my ultimate nerdy gaming video I whipped up. I love to play games, and I love games with awesome stories and characters. So I made a vid showcasing my Four fav gaming series.

-Heavenly Sword (PS3)
-Uncharted 1 and 2 (PS3)
-Resident Evil 4&5 (PS2 and 3)
-Tomb Raider Series (PS2 and PS3)

I hope this is enjoyable to others :) I had a blast putting it together.

Title: Revolution
Vidder: Nicole
Fandom: Video games
Genre: Action
Clips: Heavenly Sword, Uncharted 1 and 2, Resident evil 4 and 5, and Tomb Raider series
Spoilers: For all games mentioned.
Summary: I'll start a revolution. (a vid showcasing the awesomeness of these games)
Format WMV

watch it here:

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