September 9th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

New Vids: 2 Resident Evil: 1 General Action/1 Leon/Claire

I was in the mood to vid over the long weekend, so I made 2 Resident Evil (video game) Vids. I hope someone enjoys these :)

Title: Riot
Artist: Three Days Grace
Vidder: Nicole
Genre: Action
Warnings: LANGUAGE (one bad word in the song)
Clips: RE4, Code veronica,Degeneration, and The Darkside chronicles
Summary: Let's start a riot.
Format: WMV

dled it here:

watch it here:

and the 2nd

Title: It's You
Artist : Fireflight
Vidder: Nicole
Genre: Romance/a bit of angst
Pairing: Leon/Claire (a tiny bit of leon/ada but not in a positive light)
Clips: RE2, RE4, Darkside Chronicles, and Degeneration
Spoilers: a few for the Darkside Chronicles
Summary: Leon POV: it's Claire that he can't live without.
Format: WMV

dled it here:

or watch it here

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