May 25th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

Requests, Affiliates and Happy Memorial Day!

I've gotten quite a few new members here :) WELCOME! I hope you enjoy what you see here.

I wanted to make a few announcements/ Reminders:

I do take icon requests. Go HERE to make a request

and last but not least I got some new Affiliates...

My Current affiliates:

dwo_stillness Dr Who Stillness Community
brilliantlunacy Personal graphics Journal
freak_flag_fly Personal graphics Journal
dean_sam Supernatural Community focusing on the two brothers
creative_muse Personal graphics Journal
sg_onesweetlove Stargate Atlantis Ronon/Keller shipper community
milla_ficons Fanfic and Icons for the Acting Roles of Milla Jovovich
kageyoshi_icons Personal Graphics Journal
xfirefly9x_fic Personal Multi-fandom Fanfiction Journal
nutty_musings Personal Graphics Journal
_glamourgraphix Personal Graphics Journal
m_j_t_icons Personal Graphics Journal
doctorwho_dtss David Tennant Community
project_0rigin A Fear 2 Video game fan site
siriwan An Obi-wan And Siri Community
paper_packages Personal Graphics Journal
theghostparade Personal Graphics Journal
killerbases Icon Resources Community
xradioradio Music Community for graphics etc
dubois_love Medium Community
stargate_movie Stargate 1994 Film Community
fallen_vengance Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Community

Some great Comm's and graphic Journal's here feel free to check them out :)

Have a great Memorial day those who celeberate !!!