April 8th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

Fic-Legend of the Seeker-"Maybe"-Richard/Kahlan

My second requested fic from my personal journal.

lupisnoctis1286 wanted a Legend of the Seeker Richard and Kahlan fic, with a happier ending to the episode "Denna"

This is my first time writing these two at all, i hope it doesn't suck.

Title: Maybe
Author: Nicole
Rating: PG
Genre: a bit of angst,romance
Disclaimer: I don't own LOTS or it's characters. Just playing with them for a bit.
Spoilers: Denna
Pairing: Richard/Kahlan
Summary: An additional scene to "Denna" takes place after the end of the episode.
Word Count:642
A/N: Any errors are mine, feel free to point out any you may find.

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