April 5th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

New Icon batch and Headers: Supernatural, Lost, Celebs, and BSG

This batch I've got a mix of Celebs, Supernatural, BSG, and Lost icons :) plus headers. emavalexis requested some Ben icons so i made quite a few to him :)

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10 Supernatural (all castiel) (spoilers up to "on the head of a pin")
24 Lost (some season five spoilers)
4 Elizabeth Mitchell
2 Jennifer Love Hewitt
1 Drew Barrymore
2 Chris evans
3 Jessica Alba
1 Hayden Christensen
2 Jessica Biel
2 Josh Holloway
2 Billie Piper
2 Katie Cassidy
2 Ewan McGregor
3 Naveen Andrews
25 BSG (spoilers for series finale)
7 Headers Jennifer Love Hewitt, Misha Collins, Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Mitchell and Jessica Alba)


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