February 17th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

New Icon batch (plus headers) and a new Layout

I finally changed my layout here (i've been playing Resident Evil four again and I am so excited about five) so my layout reflects that. I'm quite fond of my header I made :)

I've also got Some pretty Stock icons, Resident Evil Icons, and (my newest fandom) Legend of the Seeker ( i just started watching that, it rocks).

Hope you enjoy :)

Comment/Credit if you snag please :)
Resources on User Info page
Blanks are NOT bases

15 Stock image
1 Stock image header
35 Resident Evil video game (Four and Five)
1 Resident Evil header
23 Legend of the Seeker (spoilers only for episodes 1 and 2)
1 Legend of the Seeker Header


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