February 7th, 2009

Marvel: Loki

Supernatural, Stargate/Atlantis, Dr Who, Fringe, and Misc Celebs

Another batch for you all :) I've been in the mood to make icons so here's some more. I haven't iconned supernatural for awhile so i wanted to do some there. I iconned a lot of the secondary main characters. Everyone does tons of dean and sam so i wanted to give the rest their love, since I adore them all. And of course my fav shows SG-1, SGA, and Dr Who. And some random sci-fi hot celebs.

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28 Supernatural (random season 3 and 4)
10 Dr Who (casting spoilers for 2009 christmas special)
5 Fringe promos only
10 Celebs (billie piper, jensen ackles, michael shanks, katee sackhoff, and Rachel Luttrel)


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