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Supernatural: Dean/Castiel Fans : Got any prompts/ideas?

I've been debating over doing this for awhile, and I know there are quite a few supernatural Dean & Castiel fans who have friended this journal and I like to do special things for people who like my work enough to friend me here.

Now that i've wrapped up my latest fic I thought i'd put this out there.

If you have any:

1.Prompts for fics that you'd like to see written comment with them to this post.

2. Any song suggestions for fanvids you'd like to see vidded, also comment to this post with them.

There are a few things that don't appeal to me so I can't/won't write them:

1. No violence/physical abuse/forcing unwanted acts on each other during sex b/t Dean/Cas. I just don't find that appealing or hot.

2. No threesomes.

3. No Female Dean or Female Cas.

4. No incest/wincest.


Other than that i'm up for pretty much anything, including (but not limited to) crossovers, AU, episode tags, missing scenes, fluff, angst, hurt-comfort, full blown slash, pre-slash, and gen/friendship.

So feel free to prompt me, no promises i'll get to everything or be able to take on all of your ideas, but if it inspires my muse i'll definitely do my best :)
Tags: pairing: dean/castiel, suggestion box, tv: supernatural

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