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24 February 2014 @ 03:28 pm
Fanvid: The Last of Us - Ellie/Riley - All of me, plus 16 Ellie/Riley icons  
I know it's been awhile, but i am still alive :) And look I made some things.

Let's start with the video.


Title: All Of Me
Artist: John Legend
Vidder: nicole9514
Characters/Pairing: Ellie/Riley
Fandom: The Last of Us
Vidders notes: After Playing the Last of Us left behind, I had to make this. I loved it, it hurt so good.
Warnings: Massive spoilers for the Left Behind DLC. I mean Massive.
Summary: A tribute to these two awesome ladies. "What would I do without your smart mouth, drawing me in, and you kicking me out. You got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down."

also posted to my my just created tumblr

Password: i got you babe

and now the icon batch

BLANKS are NOT bases

16 The Last of Us Left behind (SPOILERS)


 photo BEHIND1_zps51536159.png  photo behind10_zps1ca00ced.png  photo behind13_zps17507a9f.png

 photo BEHIND1_zps51536159.png  photo behind6_zpsa0d09a09.png  photo behind2_zps08ee745d.png  photo behind3_zpscde69fc3.png  photo behind4_zps21fbdd57.png  photo behind5_zps1bdf31b8.png  photo behind12_zps8ab0bc69.png  photo behind13_zps17507a9f.png  photo behind8_zpsbdcc0a82.png  photo behind9_zpsb05c9ef6.png  photo behind7_zps85e9fab9.png  photo behind10_zps1ca00ced.png  photo behind14_zpsd9c8026a.png  photo behind11_zps2cc35131.png  photo behind16_zpsea9d6b89.png  photo behind15_zps6e3132d4.png

Feel free to friend this journal for the insanity :)

Comments are always loved; if you liked anything I'd like to know about it :)
thrace_adams: Buffy Big Momentsthrace_adams on February 24th, 2014 10:52 pm (UTC)
YOur vids srsly make me want to play this game even though I doubt I even have the platform for it LOL

Really brilliant vid! And some great icons too!
Nicole: VG: ellie/rileybleeding_muse on February 25th, 2014 02:40 am (UTC)
Thanks hon, it's an amazing game, and this newest content just blew me away. Naughty dog tells amazing stories :)

You could probably watch a movie version of the game on youtube. I know people have posted them.
Lawrencejustinsgayhero on February 25th, 2014 03:31 am (UTC)
I really need to play this game, I have it sitting on a stack of games I haven't got around to playing. My PS3 is in storage too so that doesn't help*lol*, great vid and icons hon.
kyler_ruskyler_rus on February 25th, 2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Nice icons. :)
★: [ .CLAIRE. ] ★ en gardeachacunsagloire on February 25th, 2014 05:28 am (UTC)
I'd really like to play this DLC. I just finished the game, and I liked it a lot. ^^ BTW, your video was very sweet and I really like your icons, especially the next-to-last one. :)